The Plastic Throne

Amani Uduman, Kera Bruton

Denver flushes all kinds of things down the toilet but never stops to think about what happens to them once they are gone. One night, while he sleeps, the ocean begins to stir, no longer able to supress its fury over how it’s being treated. Can Denver and his sister Maisy make things right before it’s too late?
This engaging story touches on the concepts of sustainability and the protection of our natural environment all while keeping a tongue placed firmly in its cheek.

Enjoyable and poignant, light-hearted and filled with some gravitas

- Ashleigh Meikle

Picture book

Amani Uduman

Amani Uduman is a children’s author and primary school teacher from Melbourne. In addition to her teaching degree, Amani has graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Science, Health Promotion from Deakin University

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