The Quest for the Galleon of Time

Tanya Hunter

The year is 1738 and eleven-year-old Tobias Crane is forced to leave his home to work as a ship’s lad on a trading galleon. Once onboard, Tobias discovers that the ship is a time-travelling galleon! A galleon that can inexplicably appear in different dimensions in the past, present and future.

A captain’s obsession with revenge will force Tobias and the crew on a dangerous adventure through treacherous waters. With the help of new friends, Tobias must somehow return home to warn his father that he’s in grave danger.

Along the way, Tobias faces deadly obstacles made more complicated by the lethal family dynamics of three brothers – one good, one evil, and one dead!

Adventure and intrigue abound in this brilliant debut novel.

- Aleesah Darlison

Middle grade

Tanya Hunter

Tanya Hunter’s love of adventure stories began as a child living in Nottingham, England, when she regularly explored the same countryside as the fabled Robin Hood. Tanya’s debut novel is The Quest for the Galleon of Time.

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