The Reindeer and the Submarine

Beverley McWilliams

In 1941, the crew of the HMS Trident received a very unexpected gift …

An orphaned reindeer with no antlers, Pollyanna is raised by Igor, a Sami herder, and is more at home in the company of people than other reindeer. When she discovers Igor is leaving for war, Pollyanna decides to follow, but en route, she is captured and gifted to the crew of a British submarine.

Life onboard Trident brings more than a few surprises, and Pollyanna – with her love of food – gets into all sorts of trouble. While she misses her Arctic home, her courage and cheekiness help comfort her companions in the dark days of the war.

But what will happen to Pollyanna when the submarine reaches its destination?

A timeless story of adventure, hope, bravery and facing change, told through the eyes of Pollyanna, the real-life reindeer who proves that heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

I really loved the book! Just wonderful, a remarkable story - beautifully told.

- Favel Parrett

A beautiful story filled with hope, humour and melt-your-heart moments. Pollyanna is one of the most charming animals I have ever met in a book.

- Katrina Nannestad

With just the right blend of action, comedy and pathos, The Reindeer and the Submarine will spark or stoke a love of the past in eight- to 12-year-olds.

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Middle Grade Fiction

Beverley McWilliams

Beverley McWilliams loves sharing history with young children. In August 2019, she published her debut picture book Born to Fly, which tells the story of South Australian aviator Captain Harry Butler and received a notable commendation from the CBCA.

Beverley’s writing has also been published online and in magazines, and she is a regular contributor to The School Magazine, Australia’s longest-running literary publication for children.

Beverley is the event coordinator for the Society Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI SA) and a member of the Australian Society Authors. She lives by the beach in beautiful South Australia with her family and menagerie of pets who provide endless inspiration.

The Reindeer and the Submarine is her first middle-grade novel.

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The Reindeer and the Submarine
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