The Road to Nursing with VitalSource

Nick Arnott, Penny Paliadelis, Mary Cruickshank

Commencing a nursing qualification can be an exciting and daunting prospect. The Road to Nursing empowers nursing students to become effective practitioners by providing an in-depth foundational knowledge of the key concepts and skills that will underpin their entire nursing journey. Written by an expert team of academics and practising nurses, this text emphasises the importance of meaning-making, supporting students to critically engage with key knowledge that informs their ongoing learning, development and professional identity. Each chapter supports learning through pedagogical features including case studies, nursing perspectives, reflections, key terms, review questions and research topics. The additional activities accessed through the VitalSource eBook reaffirm comprehension and encourage critical thinking. The Road to Nursing is written in an accessible narrative style, providing a friendly guiding voice that will support students from the classroom into practice.

Empowers undergraduate nurses by providing the foundational knowledge and skills that will underpin their entire nursing journey

Each chapter is written in an accessible style by leading Australian nursing academics and practising nurses

Includes access to the complementary VitalSource interactive eBook, through which students can find valuable self-assessment tools such as multiple-choice and short-answer questions with guided responses, and links to relevant website and video content

Paperback & ebook

Nick Arnott, Penny Paliadelis, Mary CrCruickshank

Nick Arnott is a lecturer in nursing at the University of Tasmania. Penny Paliadelis has recently retired from the position of Executive Dean, Faculty of Health at Federation University. Mary Cruickshank is Head of the School of Nursing, Midwifery and Healthcare at the Federation University.

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The Road to Nursing with VitalSource
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