The Secret Language of Darkness

by Denise Jarvie, artwork by Daniel B. Holeman

Embrace the darkness as a transformative space for creating something new.Unlock the secrets of your inner world with The Secret Language of Darkness. An inner repository of all the sensations and experiences you’ve disowned, your shadow is part of you, and it longs to be embraced and belong. These cards shine a light on your deepest shadows, guiding you towards wholeness and healing.Discover the hidden messages and beliefs that hold you back from your best life. Through shadow mastery classes and insightful card messages, you’ll gain the skills to face and integrate repressed aspects of your personality.Each card holds a sacred message and an opportunity for self-discovery, leading you on a journey of liberation and self-awareness. Step into the realm of shadow work and unleash the power of your authentic self.

Card Deck
Mind, Body, Spirit

Denise Jarvie

Denise Jarvie is a soul coach and mentor who works to uncover the truth and deeper purpose at a soul level. She specialises in helping people release outdated patterns and behaviours and awaken their intuitive wisdom into everyday life. She is open and warm, with a loving sense of humour that creates a safe space for any topic to be discussed. Through all of her work, Denise aims to alleviate inner suffering and inspire the realisation that lasting outward change begins within.Throughout her formative years, Denise was not exposed to any kind of education that helped her deal with emotions in a healthy, balanced way. So, she stored them and moved on — until they manifested as anxiety and depression. After a difficult time, she was motivated to change her career and look for lasting answers. This began twenty-five years of the study and practice of meditation, metaphysics, psychology and healing.Denise was born in the south of England, near Stonehenge. When she was three, her family immigrated to Melbourne, Australia, and she now lives in Sydney with her quirky Tonkinese cat. When she is not writing, coaching, or teaching, she loves to try out new raw and vegan recipes on her unsuspecting loved ones and attend CrossFit classes.Denise is the bestselling creator of The Secret Language of Light Oracle, The Flower of Life, The Tarot of Light, 11: 11 Meditations, Dissolving Stress and Flower of Life Meditations.For more information on Denise and her work, visit

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The Secret Language of Darkness
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