The Tales of Tarya

Rachel Nightingale

When Mina joins a troupe of travelling actors, her aim is to find her missing brother, but her search unlocks a series of secrets that will change the world she knows forever.

Tarya, the mystical realm spoken of in tales, is real, and her gift for story telling opens a way to it. But Tarya has a shadow side, and someone in the troupe of actors is using it to harm people. Mina soon realises she may be the only one with the power to stop them.

The Tales of Tarya is a young adult fantasy trilogy about the gift of creativity and where it can take you.

It is an unforgettable read, delving deeply into the complex dynamics of imagination, dreams, the unconscious, fear and superstition, and theater.

- Malve von Hassell, author of The Falconer’s Apprentice

A delightful, captivating and highly original historical fantasy novel. The evocation of renaissance players give the setting and descriptions of this novel a strong sense of authenticity.

- Elizabeth Jane Foster, author of The Tides Between

Paperback & ebook
Historical Fantasy

Rachel Nightingale is a writer, playwright, educator and actor. With a passion for story telling and the theatre, it was only natural that her first fantasy series would centre on both. She lives in regional Australia with her family, a very bossy cat and the cutest dog in the world.

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The Tales of Tarya
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