The Wild Guide to Starting School

Laura & Philip Bunting

Hey, wild thing!
Are you about to start school?
Then it’s time to get set for your wildest
adventure yet. Follow this simple guide and
you’ll learn everything you need to know.

The familiar and much loved animals from previous Bunting tales – Mopoke, Kookaburra, Liarbird, Koala, Quokka, and a few new friends- guide you from starting the day just right (mmn, GumFlakes) to first day jitters, meeting teachers, making friends, lunch time, home time and all the things in between!

[The Wild Guide to Starting School] will be a great tool for parents, and teachers, to subtlely and not-so-subtley explore the experience of the first day at school, and all the emotions that go with it.

- Sarah Steed, Kids' Book Review

Picture book

Laura & Philip Bunting

Laura Bunting is a features writer and sub editor by trade, having spent over 10 years in print and digital magazine publishing. Philip Bunting is a designer, illustrator and creative director. During 10 years in the creative industries, he has seen his work published around the globe.

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