Toast: Hells Salvation (Book 2)

Rick Allen

After the Nuclear Holocaust, Dick, Patch and their close friends are fighting for their lives against unbelievable odds. The only inhabitable places left are Taswegia and New Haka.

Two ex-Navy Clearance Divers, an ex-Army Sapper and their partners fight to reach a place where they can make contact with others who are hopefully still alive, and who can help them rid their land of the Alliance!

A danger-fraught week of travel begins, with Sarge, Patch, April and Annie on horseback, and Dick and Jack travelling by road and sea. Along the way both groups encounter Alliance troops more than once, only narrowly escaping with their lives. Eventually they manage to reach the relative safety of Hells Beach, where they set up camp, thinking they are well out of reach of the Alliance at last.

However, their reprieve from danger turns out to be brief; awakening one morning to find that a Freemantle Class Patrol Boat has appeared at the entrance to the bay. Realising they are about to be discovered, they work together to overpower the Alliance crew and take control of the patrol boat. However, the skirmish leaves one of their number seriously injured, and in urgent need of medical help….

Fantastic! This book is interesting. It gives me excitement to read more and don't stop. I like the flow of the story.

- Anonymous - Facebook Review

This book continues the story of a post-apocalyptic world, where North Korea and Indonesia are invading the small island State of Taswegia, and the fight for survival of the last remaining residents continues. It is a gripping story which keeps the reader on the edge of their seat.

- Inspiring Publisher

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Rick Allen

Rick Allen is a well known author and his non-fiction works include Tales of a Saddle Tramp and Saddlery Care and Maintenance.

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Toast: Hells Salvation (Book 2)
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