Tracks of the Missing

Carl Merrison, Hakea Hustler

Deklan ‘Dek’ Archer and his mates arrive at school to a tense atmosphere. ‘Old Mate’, Mr Henry, who has lived in town for a long time, has been found murdered. He had been selling alcohol on the black market for years. To add to these worries, the Year 12s, who were on camp, are now missing. The police think there is a link between the missing students and the murder.
Deklan’s grandfather, a renowned tracker with certain otherworld gifts turns up, and expects him to go bush. This choice will change Dek’s life and family forever.
A journey that moves deep into an ancient landscape uncovers secrets, and the past, which is never far away, continues to call them.

...a gripping First Nations thriller...Ultimately this cracking read veers off into unexpected places while exploring all the shades of grey that exist between right and wrong, black and white, justice and forgiveness. The dual authors expertly build tension while layering powerful messages about intergenerational trauma, racism, Indigenous culture and spirituality.

- Frances Atkinson, The Age

...a terrific adventure set on a remote Indigenous community that explores the culture and the impacts of colonisation.

- Andrew Pople, 2SER

Tracks of the Missing highlights First Nations culture and social issues through a Goosebumps-style read.

- Emma Ruben, NIT

Young Adult Fiction

Hakea Hustler

Hakea Hustler is an experienced English teacher who has taught around Australia including in remote Aboriginal communities. Hakea is committed to Indigenous education with a particular focus on story as learning and empowerment.

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Tracks of the Missing
Kate McCormack