Vintage Knits

National Library of Australia

Are you a Sandra, ‘created in Hollywood’? Or more of a Florence, ‘with the hallmark of Paris’? Would you like to turn your hand to knitting a Stuart, ‘ideal for yachting’, or a little Lorraine, ‘just the prettiest thing for afternoon wear, and even for winter parties’?

If you want something just a bit different, Vintage Knits is for you. Presenting a curated selection of 25 patterns from Australian publications of the 1930s, ’40s and ’50s, this book is filled with projects sure to appeal to vintage-lovers and their lucky loved ones. Each pattern – for women, men and children – has been tested and updated for today’s knitter. The book also includes an introduction to understanding vintage patterns and a handy guide to the basics of knitting.

While you knit, you’ll discover more about the craft. Included in this book are reflections on the social and cultural history of knitting in Australia, from wartime knitting and sheep breeds to yarn bombing and knitting guilds. See some of the original material from the magazines and newspapers where the patterns were first published and enjoy the florid descriptions: you too could be ‘an aristocrat in scarlet’!

Vintage Knits is a delightful addition to the bookshelf of any knitter, or lover of fashion history

- GLAM Adelaide

With a vibrant, fresh design and full-colour illustrations, Vintage Knits is filled with projects to bring style and joy to history buffs and modern knitters alike.

- The Senior

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