Vortex: The Crisis of Patriarchy

Susan Hawthorne

In this devastating book, Susan Hawthorne writes with incisiveness on how patriarchy is wreaking destruction on the planet and on communities. The twin mantras of globalisation and growth expounded by the neoliberalism have hijacked the planet. Backed by meticulous research, the author shows how so-called advances in technology are, like a Trojan horse, used to mask sinister political agendas that sacrifice the common good for the shallow profiteering of corporations and mega-rich individuals. Susan Hawthorne details how women, lesbians, people with disabilities, Indigenous peoples, the poor, refugees and the very earth itself are being damaged by the crisis of patriarchy that is sucking everyone into its vortex.

In this book, Susan Hawthorne asks: Do we want to live in a world without birdsong? The pesticides, the coal mines, the clear-felling forestry industry, the industrial farmers are destroying the earth with their insistence on profit. But what point is profit on a dead and silent planet?

- Quote from the book.

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Susan Hawthorne

Susan Hawthorne joined the Women’s Liberation Movement in 1973. She has taught English to Arabic-speaking women and worked in Aboriginal education. She is Adjunct Professor in the School of Humanities at James Cook University, Townsville. She is the author of Wild Politics.

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