West Side Honey

Claire Christian

Cleo has a few things going on. Two beautiful kids and a less beautiful ex-husband, a share house arrangement with her long-term bestie Jude (complete with a third child, also beautiful) and an underperforming florist business. Actually, the shop could be beautiful too, it’s just that Cleo hasn’t got time to think about it.
Her new week-on week-off custody schedule is about to change all that. She can put her own needs first for once—take a dance class, fix up the shop, even think about dating. Not that she’s looking for anything serious, but she’s open to exploring what she wants.
Which, it turns out, is a lot. Maybe too much?
But how can you work out what you really, really want unless you try a bit of everything?

‘Christian is a must-read author for anyone who loves their rom-coms real and utterly binge-able.’

- Bri Lee

‘This warm, poignant novel is a love letter to what can happen when we take agency of our lives, and to the freedom and joy that waits for us on the other side of fear. If books could talk, Cleo and her charming cohort in West Side Honey would say to readers, you can sit with us, you’re welcome here. I laughed and cried and loved being in their beautiful company.’

- Holly Ringland

‘West Side Honey serves up everything you’d want from a bingeable, indulgent rom-com, all the while remaining original and exciting…It is bound to win over many romance fans.’

- Books+Publishing


Claire Christian

Claire Christian tells stories. She is a writer, theatre-maker and facilitator based in Meanjin. She has had four plays published by Playlab, including Lysa and the Freeborn Dames, which debuted at La Boite in 2018. She had the great joy of directing Michelle Law’s smash-hit comedy Single Asian Female. Claire’s debut novel, Beautiful Mess, won the Text Prize in 2016. Her second novel, It’s Been a Pleasure, Noni Blake, was released in 2020.

Text Publishing

Text Publishing is an independent, Melbourne-based publisher of literary and commercial fiction and non-fiction. Text has been awarded the ABIA Small Publisher of the Year three times and won the Leading Edge Books Small Publisher of the Year in 2018 and 2019.

West Side Honey
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