When Dark Roots Hunt

Zena Shapter

Don’t go out onto the lake. Wyann trees search the shallows to spear passing prey with their roots. Giant water-ants hunt anything that moves on the water-skin. Sala’s village survives hidden behind a wall of poisonous ivy, because everyone agrees: don’t go out onto the lake.

But then a strange comet crosses the night sky, throwing Sala and her pet pointer into a race through wyann-infested swampland that has her risking it all, unearthing long-hidden truths and stirring rivalries into a terrifying conflict set to change the world of Palude forever. Sala must do whatever it takes to face the truth of who she is: to save her village, to save her family, to save herself.

If only they had listened.

Shapter has created an immersive, fantastical world with tension poised to snap at any moment. I couldn’t put it down.

- Dionne Lister, author of The Circle of Talia

YA Fiction

Zena Shapter

A multi-award-winning author of speculative and contemporary fiction, Zena Shapter loves conjuring journeys into the beyond and unusual. To read more of her work, please browse the bibliography on her website at zenashapter.com. She believes that stories are our best invention.

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