Where Do the Stars Go?

Katie Stewart

Possum wakes one day and wants to know where the stars go in the morning. His friends, such as bungarra, rakali, numbat and galah, all have ideas and he spends a wonderful day discovering ‘stars’ in his environment. So wonderful, in fact, that even when his mother helps him discover the true answer, he still plans to look for more stars the next day.

This is great book to encourage young childrens’ curiosity about their natural environment and to pose their own questions about the world around them.

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The full-page beautifully textured illustrations of iconic Australian fauna and flora make the book worth simply looking at before even beginning to read.

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A truly beautiful and inspiring book and an absolute treasure of a story.

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Teaching Notes
WA Premier’s Book Awards (Shortlisted 2022)
Picture book

Katie Stewart

Katie Stewart is an author and illustrator whose work has been shortlisted two years in a row for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (2020, 2021).

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