While You Were Reading

Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus

Words are messy. Love is messier.

A hilarious, insightful new novel from the creators of Books on the Rail.

Meet Beatrix Babbage – 29-year-old dog-earer of books and accidental destroyer of weddings.

After ruining her best friend’s nuptials, Bea relocates to the other side of the country in search of a fresh start, including meeting new people, living life to the fullest and finally pulling off balayage.

But after a few months, life is more stagnant than ever. Bea’s job is dead-end. Her romantic life? Non-existent. And her only friends are her books, her barista and her cleaning lady.

​Then Bea stumbles across a second-hand novel, inscribed with notes. Besotted with the poetic inscriptions, Bea is determined to find the author … and along the way, she finds herself entangled in one hell of a love quadrangle.

Funny, poignant and insightful, While You Were Reading reveals that there’s no such thing as perfection, the value of true friendship and, most importantly, the power of not living in fiction, but still reading it … Often.

A love story for book lovers that celebrates much more than romance.

The authors' first book The Book Ninja has taken the world by storm and has sold into NINE individual territories, from the UK through to a two-book deal in Germany (including While You Were Reading), Spain, Italy, Portugal, Russia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Russia!

Paperback & ebook
General Fiction

Ali Berg & Michelle Kalus

Ali Berg and Michelle Kalus are the authors of The Book Ninja, which has sold in 9 territories and been optioned for a film. Together they began Books on the Rail in Melbourne and their network is now Australia-wide. See www.booksontherail.com

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