Wombat Can’t Sing

Katie Stewart

Wombat loves to listen to Fantail sing, especially when Fantail says that her songs make everyone happy. Wombat wants to make others happy, too. But his attempts at singing – even with lots of advice and assistance from friends – fall woefully short. Then Wombat discovers his own unique way to make others just as happy.

‘The exquisitely detailed illustrations featuring iconic Australian flora and fauna demonstrate the artist’s keen eye for detail and a deep love of the natural world. They are sure to captivate young readers who will enjoy poring over each beautifully textured spread. Another quality production from Fremantle Press, this is a stunning book that establishes Katie Stewart as a highly talented artist and storyteller. Highly recommended.’

- Writing WA

‘With easy wording and a sometimes-bold font that jumps all over the page, this is a great read-along book for beginners. The wonderfully textured feel of the illustrations captivate the reader and help to hold their attention.’

- StoryLinks

‘Aimed at children aged two to five years, it has a strong message about self-confidence and encouraging kids to appreciate their individual talents and strengths.’

- Manjimup Bridgetown Times

Picture book

Katie Stewart

Katie Stewart is an author and illustrator whose work has been shortlisted two years in a row for the Speech Pathology Australia Book of the Year (2020, 2021).

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