You Are More Than What You Eat

Dr Emma Beckett

Our relationship with food is broken, but Dr Emma Beckett is here to help us repair it.
This is not a diet book, but it is a book about your diet, your life, and how food fits into it all.
Dr Emma Beckett has spent more than 15 years studying food and how it interacts with our bodies. In this fun, informative book, she takes her extensive research qualifications and experience and applies them to our everyday lives in her sassy and straightforward style. She shows us how and why food choices, eating and biology are not as simple as diet culture suggests. By embracing this complexity, we can empower ourselves to make changes that suit our unique lives and biology. Ditch the guilt that comes with trying to follow simple rules that don’t actually work, along with the pressure to be perfect.
Part manual, part memoir, part manifesto, You Are More Than What You Eat puts the person back at the heart of nutrition. Informed by a scientific evidence base, this is the perfect antidote to the misinformation surrounding the weight loss and diet industry. This book will teach you to embrace the complexity of your body and your life, reject the lure of simple slogans and heal your relationship with food.

An empowering and delightful demolition of diet culture. A guide to modern life.

- Dr Liz Allen, author of The Future of Us

Dr Emma Beckett's debut You Are More Than What You Eat is a thorough fuck you to diet culture. It empowers readers to think critically, be kind to their bodies, and enables them to combat fatphobia.

- Naomi Koh Belic

Emma's passion for science communication and No BS nutrition straddles the space between educating and empowering, helping readers cut through the clutter of a notoriously noisy space. She brings to this book the same thing she brings to her interactions: empathy, evidence, common sense - all in a great frock, I'm sure!

- Alice Zaslavsky

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Emma Beckett

Dr Emma Beckett loves food – food & nutrition science, food fashion and eating food. You can find her in the lab, classroom, media, buried in the latest scientific literature, or on social media. Emma regularly appears in print, online, on radio, television and social media. Her aim is to empower people to interpret food and nutrition information so that they can make informed choices about food without fear or judgment. She combines her deep and diverse education, with degrees (including a PhD) in biomedical science, food science, nutrition science, science management, and epidemiology, experience as a university academic, industry researcher, and research fellow, communication experience and her passion to provoke thought, change and action. She has won several research and communications awards, including being named as a NSW Young Tall Poppy in 2017. She collects food-themed dresses and earrings, and loves football, cats, and Agatha Christie.

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You Are More Than What You Eat
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