Your Name is Not Anxious

Stephanie Dowrick

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, embraces a whole body, whole-self approach to radically reduce stress, quieten anxiety, and return power to each reader through strong, self-supporting solutions you can use in daily life.

‘Read. This. Book. It’s a lifesaver.’ – Magda Szubanski

Anxiety and stress are wildfire problems. Why is no secret. You live in a crazily stressful world. What you can do right now needs urgent addressing.

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD, offers a new way to look at anxiety (and yourself) that’s accessible, supportive and immediately effective. With decades of professional experience, her own story, plus the latest in mind-body-brain insights, she puts workable knowledge into your hands. Always inspiring, always practical, this is a book that returns the power of choice and inner security to you, where they belong.

‘Wise, insightful and, most importantly, genuinely useful. Dowrick has done it again! This book will help thousands.’ – Nigel Marsh, author, host of Five of My Life

‘One of the most useful books I have read in over 40 years as a psychotherapist.’ – Helen Palmer, Director, Psychosynthesis Education & Research, New Zealand

‘Stephanie Dowrick puts anxiety, one of the biggest problems of our time, in its proper context: body, mind and soul.’ – Tom Tilley, Television and radio presenter, author of Speaking in Tongues

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Stephanie Dowrick, PhD

Stephanie Dowrick, PhD is Australasia’s best-known personal development writer. She has supported many thousands of people as a psychotherapist, public speaker, author. Her much-loved bestsellers include Intimacy and Solitude, The Universal Heart, Choosing Happiness, Forgiveness and Other Acts of Love, Creative Journal Writing, and Seeking the Sacred. Her ongoing contributions to media and social media include a decade as ‘Inner Life’ columnist for Good Weekend magazine. She has won major awards in the United States for her books, and is translated into a wide variety of languages.

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Your Name is Not Anxious
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