An Elephant on Your Nose

The story of a multi-national intelligence agency operation to thwart a home-grown terror threat in the lead up to Tokyo’s Olympic games. British Intelligence operative Isabella Di Stefano Butterfield has been dispatched to Tokyo for a very special purpose. Until recently, Japan seemed immune to the Islamic-inspired terror attacks that swept the world after 9/11….

Kill the Major

The true story of the most successful Allied guerrilla war in Borneo. In March 1945 British Major Tom Harrisson and 42 Australian, New Zealand and British guerrillas dropped behind enemy lines in Borneo in an operation designed to assist the Australian Imperial Force’s (AIF) landings on the island, the largest amphibious operation in Australia’s history….

The Rider on the Bridge

In late autumn, Kitten, so named by a girl he met long ago, sits and remembers an aching adolescence; not of lost love and romance, but of wild and unbound joys and sorrows. And of those enduring friendships that linger at the periphery, that come with the hope that one day everything will return to…

Random Acts of Unkindness

In an all-too-recognisable Melbourne of the near future, the lives of three very different women become intertwined. Emily is a researcher at the University, carrying out experiments on overcrowding in rats. Free-spirited Amala is an international student feeling the strong tug of home. Roz is a struggling photographer who has visions of the future, although…