What Is It?

A new picture book that looks at art-making from the perspective of a young child. Written in rhyming verse with hand-painted artwork, you’ll read this one again and again. Aimed primarily at children under 6, but will be appreciated by anyone creative at heart. Perfect for the preschool or art classroom!

Cockatoo Magic

Little Ellie wishes she could go on big flying adventures like Snowy, the sulphur-crested cockatoo. What if there is a way to be brave… even when you feel too small?

P is for Permaculture

A is for Activism, B is for Baking, C is for Compost. Make your way through the alphabet learning about the tenets of permaculture: earth care, people care and fair share. This beautifully illustrated, full-colour rhyming book is perfect for introducing sustainability concepts.

The Leftover Lemon Dilemma

When an enterprising young girl named Mandy finds herself with an abundance of sour lemons she finds a way to turn them into something sweet with a little help from her neighbours. A multicultural story celebrating the way food can bring a community together, while also bringing an important message about sustainability and food waste.