Bold Types

In Bold Types, Patricia Clarke recounts the high points and the failures of the chequered journey of women journalists in the fight for gender equality from 1860 to the end of World War II through the stories of independent, adventurous women journalists who ventured far and wide in search of news, relevance and equality. Together,…

The Bird Art of William T Cooper

The sketches of master bird painter William T. Cooper show an artist with astute observational skills, intent on capturing bird behaviour, an individual’s personality, the flora of a species’ habitat. These sketches, in pencil, pen and occasional spots of watercolour, were begun in the field, often in the company of his wife, botanist Wendy Cooper….

Southern Signals

In 1791, a letter is published in a British newspaper detailing the mistreatment of convicts on board the ships of the Second Fleet the year before, forcing the government to act. Sixty years later, a dinghy races out to Sydney Heads to meet a ship carrying the latest news from Britain, likely three months old….

World Heritage Sites of Australia

Rainforests that show the connections of the ancient supercontinent Gondwana. Rock art that points to a history of human settlement reaching over 60,000 years into the past. Sandstone remnants of eighty years of convict labour and imprisonment. A marvel of twentieth-century architecture. This is Australia’s world heritage. Peter Valentine (IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas)…