Get educated: Introducing Australian educational publishers

Get educated: Introducing Australian educational publishers

12 October, 2022

As well as a wealth of trade offerings, Australia boasts a healthy educational publishing sector. Attending in person on the Australia stand at Frankfurt this year will be ATF Press Publishing Group an Australian-based independent publisher with an international reach, established in 1993. ATF publishes trade books as well as academic books and peer-referred journals with a focus on ethical and social issues including environment, science, space exploration, art and religion. 

Attending on the virtual stand via the Books from Australia website will be CSIRO Publishing, Pascal Press, RIC Publications and Scale Free Network.  

CSIRO Publishing produces an internationally recognised, editorially independent books program publishing titles for academic, professional and trade audiences across a wide range of subject areas including animal, plant and soil science as well as agriculture, sustainability and ecology. CSIRO produces around 40 new books each year, maintains a backlist of over 600 titles and is growing its children’s list aimed at introducing young readers to themes in ecology, conservation and biology and igniting their curiosity and interest in science.  

Pascal Press is an independent educational publisher that has been publishing quality educational resources for teachers, students and parents for over 30 years. It is the leading Australian publisher of home study materials including our trusted educational Excel range, used in schools all across Australia, while RIC Publications , established over 30 years ago, is one of the largest supplementary resource publisher in Australia, as well as owning operations in the UK, Ireland, South Africa, Malaysia and New Zealand.  

Finally, look out for the Scale Free Network (SFN), an Australian art-science collaborative co-founded by conceptual artist Briony Barr and microbial ecologist, Dr Gregory Crocetti. Since 2007, SFN has developed its highly-interdisciplinary methodology through workshops, participatory art-labs and interactive exhibitions inspired by the microscopic world and invisible forces. In 2013, Scale Free Network started creating and publishing books. Directed by Gregory and Briony, and developed in collaboration with writer Ailsa Wild, visual ecologist Aviva Reed, and scientist Professor Linda Blackall, the award-winning ‘Small Friends Books’ series explores the microscopic world and communicates complex science through narrative and illustration. Since 2016, SFN has expanded this work to create a new series of graphic novels for older readers (drawn by comic artist Ben Hutchings). 

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