Publisher acquittal form

Frankfurt Publisher Acquittal form

The Australian Frankfurt Book Fair program has been funded with the support of the Australia Council for the Arts. In order for the Australian Publishers Association to acquit this project to our funding agencies, please provide the following metrics via this form by 31 December 2020. The APA will also follow-up for additional metrics and feedback in early 2021.

The provision of this information by your company is essential to allow future participation in subsidised rights export and book fair projects.

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Consider: General impressions; comparison with previous years; APA support you received; suggestions for future years; value of the continued subsidy of this project; activities that could not take place in a digital/hybrid form; aspects that were improved in a digital/hybrid form
Please mention briefly any particular success stories that you are willing to share. We may contact you to discuss further.

Would you be interested in participating in future online networking event with international publishers and agents? *
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