Penguin Random House Australia is the largest trade publisher in Australia, with an impressive array of bestselling fiction and non-fiction titles from award-winning adult and children’s authors.

Titles featured on this website are from our Recently Published Rights Catalogue and showcase both award-winning local titles, as well as titles that are currently securing rights deals. Forthcoming titles featured in our Frankfurt 2020 Rights Guides can be viewed on our website or, of course, by contacting our rights executives.

To mention a few of the highlights from the forthcoming lists, we have Simon Hill’s The Proof is in the Plants, offering facts and advice for anyone curious about feeling better and doing better for our planet through a plant-based diet; and  Summertime, the gorgeous essay collection on nature and its heartbreaking destruction, written by philosopher Danielle Celermajer. In adult fiction, The Eighth Wonder, from Tania Farrelly, is set in New York in the gilded age, and features a quietly rebellious young woman whose determination to become an architect is impeded by family expectations; Secrets My Father Kept, a new historical fiction novel from Rachel Givney, author of Jane in Love; Amanda Hampson’s heart-warming Lovebirds; and of course the new blockbuster from Fiona McIntosh, set in wartime France, The Champagne War.

In children’s, A Glasshouse of Stars by Shirley Marr explores immigration, bullying, racism and grief through the lens of magic realism. Blue Flower by award-winning author Sonya Hartnett and illustrator Gabriel Evans deals with self-esteem and accepting your individual qualities. Don’t Forget by powerhouse duo Jane Godwin and Anna Walker is a book about resilience in times of crisis. Terry Denton’s Really Truly Amazing Guide To Everything by Terry Denton is the middle-grade non-fiction book of 2020 with seven pre-publication deals to date.

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