Zadie Ma and the Dog Who Chased the Moon

Zadie Ma and the Dog Who Chased the Moon

14 March, 2022

By the new Australian Children’s Laureate, Gabrielle Wang. 

Meet Zadie Ma, a girl who writes magical stories that sometimes come true. Zadie’s dearest wish is to have a dog of her own and so she starts to write the story of a poor unwanted dog called Jupiter, who’s just waiting to be rescued by a loving girl like Zadie.

One morning Zadie sets off to look for Jupiter and she finds a real dog, whose name is Jupiter. Once Zadie has rescued him, she realises she can’t just take Jupiter home because her mother won’t let her keep a dog. Luckily her bold new friend Sparrow lets Zadie keep Jupiter at her house till Zadie can work things out.

But a series of unlucky events means that Zadie can’t write the happy ending she dreams of for her story, and now she may lose her beloved Jupiter forever.

Zadie Ma and the Dog Who Chased the Moon (a unique book with a combination of narrative, allegory, and graphic novel elements).
Author: Gabrielle Wang, Australian Children’s Laureate 2022 & 2023
Publisher: Penguin Random House Australia
Rights held for book: World ex-ANZ & Oceania
Email for rights contact: [email protected]
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